Writing Partner Confusion (Help Needed Please?)

Hi, I am interested in looking for a writing partner but the only thing I am a little confused on is how do two people partner up and write it together? Would you just share ideas and one person writes it with the others input and then you would both share it with each other through like google docs or what? I don’t think that you would share one account but I could be wrong if anyone is able to let me know how you partner up to write with someone feel free to message on this post or DM me on Instagram if you want… @sugarpopcircle.episode .

Thanks in advance

(Also sorry if this is the wrong forum page to post this on.)

Sharing with each other on Google Docs is (in my opinion) an easy way of getting both parties involved as both people can edit the document
Some people do share an account for the sole reason of writing the story on the Writer’s Portal, being able to see the code and everything

Yeah I don’t think I would share my account with another person but I do think that Google Docs is a good idea.


Google Docs is the ONLY thing I would do when partnering/co-writing.