Writing Partner/Editor


Hi all :heart:

I’m currently writing my very first story but with my work and my family, I may struggle to edit/update as often as I’d like too!

So, I am looking for an editor for my story, to go through and make sure that everything looks amazing and is the best that it can be and this position may turn into a writing partners too! :raised_hands:t2:

The editor will of course be credited in every episode and will hopefully have their own splash created by my wonderful artist @ChayChay :heart:

I’m also on Discord - Briony B #2932

Thank you all xxx


I might take you up on that, give me details of what you want…


I have DMd you Hun x


I could help you edit if you still need!


I’ll DM you Hun x


I can help


I’ll DM you hun x


Episode Helpers here to help 😁 (1-340 minutes) Go here


Am I to late to help? I’m good at dialogue, and basically everything in the scripting game.


DM me Hun x


need a cover or art


She’s writing to help me Hun