Writing partner for Adventurous Contest! (I'm an artist!) ✨


Hi, I’m looking for a writing partner to enter the new Adventurous contest posted earlier today. I am an artist!:sparkles: So I’d be willing to make custom overlays/covers and I’m really good at photo photoshopping backgrounds!! I do prefer (not required) my future writing partner to be older (17+) and somewhat proficient in coding. I wouldn’t say I’m the best coder ever, but I understand the basics of advanced scripting well enough. Therefore, I would expect the same from my partner.

Now I must discuss my weakness! While I can make conversations between characters sound natural, creating complex character/plots, etc., I find that the writing itself sometimes sounds very dull. This then leads to my next requirement, being that I want a writer who is very descriptive and could help implement literary devices that make the story more compelling! This is the key aspect that I am looking for in a partner! Please direct message me if you’re interested, along with a plot idea (if you have one), an example of the previous story, or whatever else you have to offer! :blush: I almost forgot to mention, I’m gravitating towards more science fiction just because that’s my favorite genre, but I’m open to other ideas.:two_hearts:

Disclaimer: If I don’t choose you please don’t be hurt, everyone is amazing and I’m really just looking for someone who I can see myself being able to work well with. :hearts: This is also very important, my time zone is Pacific. I don’t mind different time zones, I just know sometimes it can be a challenge.

Sketches Examples

I don’t feel comfortable posting my completed work especially since this was made for someone, so here are some sketches I drew. The point is that I can draw. :joy:

I also drew my own profile picture if that helps you understand my drawing capabilities, but I normally don’t do line art and my shading is usually realistic so it’s not an accurate representation of what I can do.

Profile Picture

I am really sleepy right now, so if you respond today I probably won’t get back to you until tomorrow. I apologize in advance!:sweat_smile:


Do you want me to respond here? Or no?
P.S are you taken? I LOVE YOUR WAY OF DRAWING!!


If she is taken, she’s mine girl so back off!
(I’m kidding)


Phew. Because I need HER! :rage:


Yeah right. Aren’t there others out there?


Yeah. But I wasn’t talking about others.


Hm…yeah…ok…but if you ever get in any arguments she knows where to message me


And you’ll never get her back


Edit: I don’t understand anything you are saying.


Eh, no one ever does.


Because you don’t know what you are saying. That’s what people don’t ‘understand’.


No more like I say things but I say them in a certain weird way but I get what I mean in my head


So you are saying if I get into arguments with a person, her, or you. I can’t get her back?


Sort of. But not really because I’m kidding


Yes I know. You said it in the beginning :joy::smirk:


Whoever gets you is so lucky, and your disclaimer is so sweet <3. Good luck with the contest.


Thank you!!! :sob::two_hearts: You respond through direct message. If you have any published story send them to me so I can understand your writing style better. If not just explain what attributes you have to contribute!!!


Aww thank you!!!


Wooh! I’m lucky today!!!


I have unpublished stories. That have amazing coding, and well script ideas.