Writing partner for contest

Hey! I really need a writing partner for the new contest. I already have an idea and I’ve worked a lil bit on it but I could really need someone to help me along… I never do anything if it’s just me heh. I’m an artist so I can make art scenes and a cover for us as well! I’d like someone who’s 17 or older and someone who’s good at coding, you don’t need to be a pro but… would be nice if we’re at the same level! I’d like the coding to be sick.
I’m 18, I’m ok at drawing and yeah idk. Dm me or write here or something if you’re interested!

Some art so you can look forward to our cool art scenes


I’d love to help!

Hey if you’re still available I can help if you’d like ! I’m fairly well at coding and coming up with ideas if you need it :innocent:

Oh I’m sorry I’ve already found someone!

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aww alright :innocent: no worries :+1:

Hi I could use some help. I am new with this. I am looking for friends as well. I am stuck on some stuff and trying to learn everything.