Writing partner FULL TIME HELP!

Hey guys i have been trying to find someone who would want to do a new story with me full time untill the end of the story idk what its going to touched upon but i was hoping that someone would want to work on the ideas, characters and ect with me and become my best friend reply if your interested in working woith me i have discord for the ideas so we can both do it and i have a instagram where we can post eveything for our story…

reply if interested :grin:


i can help

What’s your discord

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If u hVe one or Instagram.

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my discord is Ericka😒#8649

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I’ll add you tomorrow

okay thats fine

Do u have a episode character… And if so can I get the details

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yes i do let me get the details real quick

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body-Female Generic Body(rose 02)
brows-Arched Natural(black dark)
hair-Long Updo Wavy Princess Braid(blue black)
eyes-Female Generic(hazel)
face-Heart Soft
nose-Round Button Upturned
lips-Full Round Pouty(peach matte)

You can call the character Liv

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Do u have Instagram instead because discord is not downloading on my phone

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And thanks

um i did but not anymore

mhm np

I’ll just add your discord my my computer when I charge it

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bc random ppl started texting (sexually)me and for my safty i no longer have it


I understand no worries