Writing partner/group

I am looking for a writing partner/group where we can work together to make different stories.
I am looking for a writer, coder, background maker, overlays makers, artist and cover artist. If you are interested message me:
Your age:
What are your skills
Will you be active?
What is your discord account?


hii !!!
I would like to be one of the co-writers, I am new to an episode but I have experience writing and I am very creative and I have designed covers before. My insta is @ sofiiaa_villaa I would like to talk about the details out there! :smile:

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Okay, we need to wait to add more people on it. Do you have discord?

Hey do you need any outfit designers, lol.

Yes, I need it. What is your insta?

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No instagram, sorry

But I am very active on here.

Okay, do you have discord

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Yep, but I forgot my account password, lol. I can recover it later since I have something to do in rl.

So you have discord, let’s wait for more people

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Cool, ttyl

Can you do coding?

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Nope, I want to learn, tho.


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Im a new Episode writer, I have always loved writing but I really need help with coding I have Instagram - @Erika_epi

I am looking for a writing partner, someone who knows how to proofread, and an artist. We can write on different writing platforms. We can make comics using different ideas if you are interested, please you will say your name, age, what you can do and your Instagram username if you have one. We could write both novels and comics.