Yo my dudes, as the subject of the post already says, I am in need of a writing partner, no age limit or whatever, although I am 13, I have no story prompts in mind, but we will be able to think of one :joy:. I have no stories published (@moomizoomi on episode-app, instagram & epi-forums) but I do have experience I just never get to publish the stories… I don’t need someone that COMMITTED, like 24/7 on episode talking cuz we have our own lives, but someone to be able to write when we both have time and sharing ideas, I don’t want to pressure anyone, so if it turns out that you can’t do it anymore you can say, I won’t be angry because as I said you have your own life and you’re probs busy lots of the time, so if you can’t handle it please just say…

(@) your insta (So I can Dm) or pm (private message) me if you also want a writing partner

Moomizoomi :hamburger:

UPDATE: srry for y’all that have asked, I now have a partner :two_hearts: byeeeeeee

I don’t know how to PM and I don’t have an instagram but I’ve started working on a story and want help with it.

Let me know if you’re interested but if not I won’t be offended. (I’m also open to help from anyone else out there who might be reading this.)

LINK: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4525053439246336

I would be totally down to help create a story. I don’t get to spend too much time writing Episode stories or anything, but this sounds great. My insta is @_al3igh. :woman_shrugging: (If the offer is still available that is :joy:)

Hey what’s up, I’d be down to be your writing partner. I have a couple of writing ideas I can toss at ya, do you have any published stories? I wanna know what your forte is or what you like, you seem like a pretty cool dude so shimmy into my dms @lizard.episode on insta sometime. You can also just pm me on here if you feel, though. My user on the episode app is lizard- I got 2 stories under my belt at the mo. (Also, I’m 14- it’s just like being 13 except bass boosted lmfao)