Writing Partner Need ASAP

Hi! I would love a writing partner! To help me go over ideas and to help when I am super busy. This would be my first ever story. I know what I want to happen but I would love to have someone make it better. Also to co-write with me! It’s called Troublemaker Hour. If you are interested please dm me on Instagram @cheyenne._.writes ! Or PM me here. Whatever is convenient for you. Thank you so much!

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I would text you but I don’t have my phone on me so I can’t get on Instagram but text me @epi.sqlty if you want a writing partner. I also have a group of epi writers if you are interested in that!

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Okay tysm! :slight_smile:

Do you have any stories that I can check out?

I’m reading a mafia story but some cool stories right now to me are In my blood

I could if you want to but what is your time zone?
if we Arent in ca the same one it’s hard to get work done

Is this going to be LL or ink

If your intrested you could join our writing group

It is in LL!

I am in Pacific Stand Time (PST).

No it’s fine i am doing it

Ok so if you wanna start you sent me your email so we can starts a google docs document