Writing partner needed ;3

Hello! I need someone to help me write a story. I need someone to send me a script and I will code it.

I need help with coding and directing

What is your story about?

It’s about Antisocial Media like me,lying and being addicted to my phone and texting and going to the therapist

Okay. Have you written a script yet?

I started last year

Oh! Is it finished?

I can help with a writing partner!

Not quite I’m taking a break from it because I’m busy every day

Ok! Do you have a script ready?

I will let you know

Sorry, @Star8, I was talking to @AlyssaThePretzel.

It’s okay anyways if you want to help me I can send you my gmail I won’t be on it though


Yeah it’s lanalawrence927@gmail.com

I’ll be happy to help you write!

Ok thanks just need some help directing and coding

Send me the script please. My email is annalise@mcknz.com


That’s the only way