Writing Partner Needed! <3

Hey guys! I’m looking for a writing partner. I already have a few ideas, but I’m struggling with setting up the story. In other words, I guess I’m struggling with starting it. I’m looking for someone who will be committed. If you want to be my writing partner you can contact me on the forum or on Instagram @Epy_kee.

  • This will be a romance story.

  • I’m a good at coding.

  • My grammar isn’t the best, but I learn quick.

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I can be your writing partner:). I’ve tried to start a story myself but all the coding confuses me.

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Is There Another Way To Contact You? I’m Rarely On The Forum, So Itd be Easier To Communicate. It’s Fine If You Don’t :smiley:

I have a twitter account if that’s okay with you?

Hi!I hope I’m not too late I really wanted to write a story with you. contact me as ahyannagordonel3@gmail.com looking forward to it cant wait for your reply

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