Writing partner needed for new story

Hey everyone,
So I joined the community last year and I’ve already published my story but I’m looking for a writing partner to write a completely new story with (just to take my mind off my story once in a while) and it would a good way to know someone in the community.
I have a few rules though

  • person must be at least 18
  • Person should know how to code
    Those are the only things I require.

We would both create a story from scratch and code and write together and we can also be motivating each other and be friends :wink:
We can also get to know each other before you decide to commit to anything.

Some info about me:

  • an African 20 year old
  • I’m completely drama free and I would consider myself a nice person
  • Good coder

if you want to know how I code and write you can read my story: Apply pressure

If you are interested you can pm me here or on insta (@simi.a.stories)

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