Writing Partner Needed In A Sinister Romance/Thriller Story

I am currently writing a sinister romance/thriller called Dead Before Time. I need a writing partner because it’s too overwhelming for me to do all of this by myself. The deadline of publishment is on June 22. Here’s a quick description of the story: You have been killed, but you get another chance in life. You relive everything that has happened in the last month. Can you avoid getting killed again?


I would like to help, but i am inexperienced and i am currently writing my first story, so if you wanna help me i will help you.

Sounds interesting, I can help with coding

I wouldn’t mind doing it with you :revolving_hearts: I am bad a coding but really good at getting ideas and script writing an plot :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

If not I could do the cover art for you x

I would love that. If you wouldn’t mind can you please write your email? So I can email you?

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Yes please, I will also need your email. Also, I already have a cover.

I’ll pm you it