Writing Partner Needed! [INK] {Closed}

Hello Everyone!

I was just scrolling through Forums when I had the sudden urge to find a writing partner. I’ve been wanting to create a story with someone for a while. We can start from scratch, I’m a good coder, so I can do the coding(I’m somewhat intermediate for coding). I also do all type of art too! The story would have to be INK if I’m coding, but if you’re interested please comment or PM me! I’m active everyday, and I’m very good at answering everyone back within 15-20min… if we’re in the same time zone. :wink:




Hey! I would love to be your partener!

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Ow man I would love to help you!!!

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Pm if you want me to help you

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Hey,I would love to be your partner for writing your story!

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ty… Already found one, tysm! :smiley: