Writing Partner Needed Please!



So i’m having writers block and i really can’t finish my stories on their due dates or i give up if the story don’t sound right.

I really need a writing partner to help me with things and give me advice and i’ll do the same I mainly do romance stories,fantasy , horror, mystery, and sci-fi. but mostly romance and fantasy right now :sweat_smile: i know how to do scripts just not very good.

I wrote many stories on different platforms and published my first story on here but it’s not that good .

I really really need a writing partner so please text me if your interested.:persevere:

The name of the new story i am making is called The Tale of a huntress and Alpha...Just need a new cover,

Just need to…
*Proof read
*Cover for Stories (art) don’t worry i’ll help

  • Knows how to script
    *Check for error


Hi there im also looking for a writing partner. I have started my own story but i need a partner to help me cuz i have other stuff to do as well. The story i started was Loving Bad Boy. So please let me know if you would like to be partners. Thanks.


I would love to thanks for replying hope we do great :grin:


Okay thx so much! Um so how are we going to do this together? And do you want to do your story or mine?


We can work on urs first and message me


Okay. And where?


My email


if you still need help apply to join my writing team!