Writing partner needed very badly

Hi everyone. I’m looking for a certain amount of people or one person to help me. I need someone to create my characters for my story. I need someone to make a cover art for it as well.
If you wanna help or know anyone pm me or email me at cassiehill14@gmail.com


i can make ur characters, just give me the names and any info on how u want them to look and stuff and i can help

hi. i can make covers and make characters and select outfits so

Awesome. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I had a busy day with my son. I would absolutely love for you to do this right now. It’d help me out so much.

kk so what should i do first

I made a recent post about characters asking someone for descriptions on them. I made a list of the characters names, if they were girl or boy and their sexuality.