Writing Partner Needed


I am looking for a writing partner. I need someone with good ideas and someone that is willing to co write. Feel free to message me here or on instagram. My instagram is @episode.raiya :slight_smile:


What exactly are you looking to write :slight_smile:


Hey, Iโ€™m Echo!!! I love writing stories, especially romances with lots of drama some may have cliches but I donโ€™t like using them too much, it gets boring if I do. I make movies and am very creative with them, as well as with my stories of course. Writing stories or plays or movies scripts is my life!!! I absolutely love writing. So if it is not too late, and the position is still available, it would be a great privilege for me. Please reply as soon as you can. Thanks :kissing_heart: -Echo


Anything, I really like mysteries and dramas :slight_smile:


I Doo!!!


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: