Writing Partner/Partner in crime!

Hey! I’m in need of a writing partner, and someone who can help me when I have writing back, I’m not an expert coder either :grimacing: but would love someone who could help me out! I’d also love to help other with ideas!


*writers block

hey…im not the best coder either, but id love to be your writing partner

I’d love that!

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What’s your story about?

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im currently in the process of writing one rn called Matched where the main character auditions and gets accepted on the very first season of a reality tv show (Matched) where there are 14 contestants living together in Bali and they’re all competing to find their one true Match and to win the million dollar prize. Cupid has pre-picked all their matches, but theres a possibility that they’ll never find their true match. Throughout the three weeks that they’re on the Island, there are different challenges and contestants can be kicked off the island during them meaning that whoever their Match was will never get Matched. Also, there are public votes twice a week. The public votes for their favourite couple and their least favourite contestant. After the public votes, the contestants vote for the same thing. If you’re voted as the leas favourite by either the public or the contestants, you have until the next time they vote to change their minds, but if you don’t then you get kicked off the island. If you’re the favourite couple of either the public or the contestants you get a special perk to help you in the next challenge, and if you’re voted favourite twice in a row, you get the chance to talk to Cupid-meaning that you get to find out if you’re a true Match or not.
I havent finished yet…I’m actually just starting, but thats my outline so far. Choices matter, so I can’t say where the reader will go…I want there to be a chance that they get kicked off. I know that the basic storyline of a tv show and finding love is boring and overdone, but I’m really into my story and I’ve already put hours of work into it so I’m not going to abandon it, I just have to find a way to make it more interesting.

what are your thoughts??
also what’s your story about?

That sounds so cool! I can’t wait to read it!

My idea is a about a girl whos smarts land her a scholarship to a prestigious school, but she only sees guys, she later realizes she goes to an all boys school, she wants to stay but it only gets worse when she finds out she lives with FIVE guys.

It’s kinda basic but I still love it :joy:

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ooooo that sounds good! have you started writing it yet

I’ve finished the first chapter and am currently revamping the second one, it’s exhausting! :sob::joy:

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What about you?

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loll you’ll have to tell me when its out so i can read ittt

no im still working on the first chapter

I will, and you’ll have to let me know when yours comes out, it sounds so cool!

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Also feel free to PM about your story whenever

Sounds good!

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Feel free to PM whenever :joy:

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Are you still interested :point_right::point_left: :thinking:

For sure!


Can I have your Instagram handle?