Writing partner/partners in need!

Hey! Soooo as you can tell I’m looking for a writing partner. I’d like if I would get even one partner, but I guess I could take 1-4 people if there are interested people☺️

What I’m looking for exactly…

  • An active person
  • Someone close to my timezone, (so being in contact is easier) GMT+3 is my timezone
  • A pretty good coder (if there is more poeple, not all have to be)
  • A creative person with ideas and willingness to make compromises!

I am also open to creating a writing croup if anyone is interested!

You can dm me on instagram (@noora.i.episode) if you are interested and comment on this post! :slight_smile:
(please tell me something about yourself and which genres do you prefer)


I need a writing partner too

I also need a writing partner

I’d love to! I already have an episode ”Indomitable Vampires”. I’m very good at coding. I’m on almost all the time. I think I’m good with ideas. Some stuff, about me, besides the episode.

  1. I HATE!! cheesy episodes.
  2. Love Comedy.
  3. I have a lot of pets.
  4. My favourite colour is blue.