Writing partner (plz be semi-experienced)

I want to write a vampire story who wants to help?

What kind of help?

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like spot directing, zooms, or coding if thats what they call it. I’m new to writing

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What’s your story description?

So its gonna be about a girl who’s parents were killed by vampires, but those vampires took and raised her(they are bad). She is special because of a prophecy of a girl who unites vampires and humans to live in peace together. but some don’t want that and so they took her. and its kinda
of like a vampire human love stor


Omg that’s sounds so interesting.:heavy_heart_exclamation::sparkles: I would totally read this :heavy_heart_exclamation::sparkles:

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Would you be interested in helping?

Would you like to help me?

Duplicate closed. Refer to newest: Finding a partner to help me :slight_smile: