Writing Partner Request

Good Afternoon Everyone!,

I am working on a story and I was wondering if anyone would love to be my writing partner its called “Becoming Famous” If you would love to join reply to this message and I will reply back to you my Instagram and we could chat about new ideas. Thanks in advance!


P.S. I will tell you what I have so far as well! You will also have a shoutout in my story which means I would let everyone know in the story that I got some help from a writing partner :slight_smile:

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Hi may I help

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sure, theres someone else who will help as well

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Let’s talk on this app discord and here is the link https://discord.gg/Zju3ZYc

I tried it but it said it crashed

Have u downloaded the app?

No do I need to?

Yes lol😂

Lol ok my user will be ButterflyMagic101 same as on here…

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OK that’s fine mine will b the same as on here 2


Every time I try to download it off of my windows it keeps saying it crashed

Try it from your app store lol

Ok I have it now

Com good lol

whats your four tag?


I tried it but then it says it didn’t work I’m sure I did it right

Try mine… my code is 2039

I meant four tag