Writing Partner/Team Needed For LL Story!

Hi! I’m Dhalia, I need a writing partner for my upcoming story, please reply if you are willing or need more details.

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I would like to know how I can help

that’s great! do you have any stories/examples of what u can do?

And also…

Wait a minute

I know how to add overlays, props, let the readers customize their character…

ok, that’s great ! are u good at things like spot placement and character/outfit creating?


do u have insta so we can talk easier?

Especially with character/outifit creating.


hm, ok! do u have anything we can communicate on other than this?

I haven’t got account on facebook, twitter or insta…
I only have Tik Tok and snapchat…but I don’t know if this two apps can help.

perfect, i have both of those! :joy: could u pm me ur snapchat?

What’s your name on snapchat?


Ok… wait a minute…

Is this you?


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Ok…let me add you as a friend…