Writing partner to make an account?

I am pretty good at writing, but I’m thinking about working with someone too.
And, since we can’t edit the same script with our own profiles, I tought that maybe someone would be interested in making a new account with me to write stories, but not just one, since we’re creating a new account I want to make more than just one story. Hope you understood!

Tell me if you are interested!

Just one thing!

You should be at least good at two/thre things in the list down below:

  • coding
  • be friendly
  • can edit/draw
  • make art things or splashes, bg etc.
  • know some writing tips

Thank you for your time!!


Im interested

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What can u do?

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Advanced coding, directing, and art!

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Edit and drawn?

Si, but I only do close up drawn edits. And sometimes a custom pose.

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I am interested madam!!! :eyes: @epi.kendy

I can...

Make :
Small/large covers
Art scenes
Anything that is art related
Also I know how to code, how to use advanced directing

I can't...

Come up with the big ideas. I can only develop them

I hope this is what you’re searching for :blush::heart:

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Thx guysss!! I’ll choose soon! :kissing_heart:

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@EpisodeMirana congratulations! :clapping: You’re my co-worker!
I’ll pm u the email and the password now.

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