Writing partner urgent...!

Hie. Guys., Need a partner for a writing group… rply here or PM me if interested. Urgent requirement…

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Hey! I would love to be your writing partner! Email me at wavywelma@gmail.com if you want me!

Me too! You can dm me on instagram, @janine.epi

Do you have Instagram id too? It will be easy to communicate there…

I will contact you there…

No I don’t.

Do you have iMessage?


I would love to help you out! Dm me @amilian.forever


which time zone…? and can you do coding?

I am in the Eastern time zone and I live in the USA and yes I know how to code.

thats great… i will contact you on insta.

i gave a request to follow… accept it and we can discuss it.

Okay I accepted it. Dm me so we can talk about it.

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Are you going to dm me :slight_smile:

yeah… i did… just check it…

it must be in request… i measaged you about half an hour back

Oh I just got it!

alright lets talk there

What should we do then?