Writing partner wanted :) - STILL LOOKING <3

Hey guys!
I used to have a writing partner, and I miss having one!
To be honest, I have no plot, and I only write in ink.
So if you’re still interested, please hit me up on Instagram: @Ana.Writes_
We can either make up a plot together, or if you have a vague idea, let me know!

Happy Writing! :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

I’ve never published a story, but I do write in ink as well. I’d be down to collab with you! I also have many ideas.

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I would love to find out more, do you have Instagram? :two_hearts:

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Hi! I am working on my own story, but I wanted to make a short one with sb else. Not longer than 5-6 chapters. Are you Interested in sth like this? My instagram is nin07_episode:)

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I am definitely interested! I am looking for the same, just a short story would be cool. I’ll message you now /:blush:

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Hey! Can I join? Unless you have enough people. If I can do you have discord?

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I do. miss_fkane

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nothing is official yet. Still looking around :slight_smile:
I don’t have discord unfortunately, but do you have instagram?

I will contact you now :sparkling_heart:

Hello! I can help you in writing some stories. I usually do mystery or fantasy stories. Oh, and if you want to message me, here’s my instagram: @episode._kay

I write all the time but to be honest, but I never really publish them. So I think, having a writing partner will help me. Hoping we will write together soon!


I cant do my story with episode . I need to do it like a game .However i can make you a trailer for your story !
Discord : BlackBurn#0497 or just write pm here

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Hey! I can def help co-write! My Instagram is JJleiah

I would LOVE to be partners. I have SOOOOOOO many ideas but i cant code for the life of me. you could email me @eadambrosio16@gmail.com