Writing Partner wanted



Hey guys so i am writing a story and i thought it might be fun to have a partner


Hey, I’ve actually been looking for someone who needs a writing partner I need one too. I am a very creative person, and I LOVE writing. I make lots of movies and YouTube videos and all that kind of stuff so I can help you come up with ideas for your books!!! Please reply as soon as posible. Thanks!!!


Yeah u got it I am a movie and YouTube maker as well, I just love recording videos and showing them do u have instagram so we can text eaiser


I sadly do not :sob: My parents won’t let me have it until my birthday in August which sucks!!!


Do u have any other way of communication other than phone and contacts


I’m willing to be your writing partner:)


Um… Snapchat?


I have that


Ok just wait a sec and yes I have that


Maybe u wanna be a group of writing people I don’t wanna choose


Maybe u wanna be a writing group cause I can’t choose


Lol whatever works :blush:


Ok can u send ur snap chat?


Can u send ur snapchat?


My snap chats is @alissa_buiser


Mine is angel_girl5566 it might just come up as Echo tho


Alissa, I added you




What’s yours EbonyBott?