Writing partner with codeing experiance needed

Hi I need a writing partner I’m open to more than one person. Even if your a begginer, because begginers can be good. And I do have a little bit of codeing experiance.

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I can help

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Really cool thanks.

How much do you know about codeing I only know most of the basics.

And I’m not very good at codeing, but I know a thing or two about writing.

What are some of your ideas, you can get back to me on that.

I know pretty much I can do zooms overlays sounds transitions, do you want my instagram?

Well I’m not on instagram much so you have a better chance of communicating with me through here, but it’s good that you know know codeing I am still new to it but not new to writing. So get back to me with your ideas☺. You can contact me here. But we will see. Give me your instagram and I’ll give you mine to see what we can workout.

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sierragilbert7 is my instagram, we can communicate through instagram because I don’t have an instagram for my episode.

I can help as well :heart::slight_smile:

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