Writing Partner!

I’m still somewhat new here, so I would really appreciate anyone who is willing to help me write at least one of my stories with me. If you can’t tell from my username, I’m gonna end up writing a couple of AU’s for Yandere Sim and RWBY, but I’ll also write a lot about other things as well. Thanks!

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I’ll be willing to help you out!

I am looking for people to join my writing group, if you guys are interested

Cool, thanks!

Just send me a way to contact you! I have Twitter and Discord (though my instagram is locked right now because I have bad memory and couldn’t remember the password)

Cool! :sunglasses: I just PM’d you @Lissiebeth11

Wait. @OsoroBelladonna, I added you to our group (and you chatted with our members). What is going on? Do you want to leave our team?

No. Even though the group is going to be big, I like having all sorts of different perspectives, from people from different places, different professions, and so on. I would still like to be part of the group though

Could you elaborate? I am confused on what you are trying to say.

Here is What I Am Seeing On My Side

Then, off this forum. We welcome you into our group.

But you still confirmed with @Lissiebeth11 that you will contact her