Writing partnerrrrr

Ok. Hi. Uh… well my name is Eri.

So I joined Episode not too long ago but I got logged out my old account so I had to re start. I’m looking for a writing partner, I did have one but he decided he just wanted to be an independent author seeing as he’s stuck with school and stuff.

But seeing as it’s going into the holidays for me, I have more time to write! But I’m not sure on where to go with my stories… I’m not very creative haha… and I reckon it would be fun to write and talk to someone!

I do any genre and I don’t mind which style! So… if you’re interested… feel free to dm me or comment below :joy:

I’ll be your writing partner if you want!

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Really? Like actually writin a story together or something else?

Writing a story together if you want!

i can help too, if you’d like

@LovelySenpai @MSoldin0403

I’d love that! Send me a dm and let’s see what we come up with!

Sure! We can start a group chat on here or on insta if you all want! Just let me know

Ok! Thats fine!