Writing Partners!

Hi! I am trying to find 2 Writing partners!!! A coder and someone who can give some ideas!!!
I will do artwork , give ideas but when it comes to coding, I’m not so good at it…
I’m hoping the story will be a romance…:blush::blush::blush:


I can help!

Coding or ideas?


So how do you want to do it? Make a new account for the story or do it on mine? Also if you have any ideas for something romance pm me…

Hey! I’m good at coding and I’d love to help.

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Hey, I’m a lot better at giving ideas/asking questions to provoke your brain than coding, if you’d like my help. :smiley:


Hey there. I would love to be your writing partner! I’m good at coding and I have ideas flowing in and out of my mind all the time, I just don’t know what to do with them. And I don’t have many friends in the episode community, so it would be nice to make friends too.


I would love to! Pm me

I have some pretty good ideas and I’d LOVE to help with characters and costumes!

Room for one more?

Hi, I have just started out, well this week and coding is like second hand to me right now :joy: .
Email me ~ melaniejpritchard55@gmail.com xx :blush:

i would love to write a story with you if you haven’t started!!

I’d love to give you ideas! :smile: