Writing partners?


So I am currently working on a great idea for a story episode and would love some extra help! Please reply with a little introduction of yourself if you’re interested:)


Hello, I would love to work with you!
My name is Jawan and I have written 3 stories and published one of them, so I would say I am decent in coding.


Hi. I would love to help. Lovedrawing and Why Dont We


I’d like to help you write your story!
I’m Claire, and I just started writing a story. I love coming up story lines, and I also enjoy figuring out how to code everything. I can help with coding and with the story itself. :slight_smile:


I am really a dork at heart most of the time and I am too was trying to write but I had a few ideas but they’d allways turn sour never could I make them have more ideas so i thought it be :weary: to write sixteen year old candy lover.
My name is Valerie if your wondering


Sorry for the late reply y’all but hi I’m Bella and I’ve been on this app since it came out so obviously when they came out with the writing feature I was so stoked. I love writing, it’s something I like to do all the time when I’m sad, happy, or mad- I’ll write. I also love singing and music.

I’ve been meaning to write an episode and I’ve got good ideas but I just never got around to it since I suck at coding and I get so busy with other things in life sometimes like school.

However, my inspiration has been overflowing inside me and I just really want to get this episode out there. This episode is special to me because it touches on a subject that I’ve personally been dealing with since I was a young girl and that is: Mental Illnesses. I think it is finally time that Episode has a story that raises awareness about Mental Illnesses and I think that it could touch a lot of the users of this app who deal with things of such sort.

I know that this may not appeal to all of you so whoever is interested, please personally message me and we can talk more about it. Thank you so much.


I also have another idea based around the shadiness of the Hollywood Industry if anyone is interested in that we can work on that too :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Fredy and i will love to write a story with u but i don’t know how to write it on the episode blog so can u show me how? And i know what story we can write I have an idea so if u wanna write a story with me let me know pls


Hey I wanna start a story can U help me with that? I’m new here but I know the topic but I don’t know how to started


Sure, I can help you. Do you have instagram?


yes my account is 0_girl_from_outer_space_0


Are any of you interested in working with me on a thriller/suspense story about the Hollywood industry?


Yea sure, you can PM me


That is a great idea, I would love to work on that


Alright perfect! PM me so we can talk more about it :slight_smile: