Writing Problems

There is an error on my script saying, “There is a { on line 151 that does not have a matching. }” but on my script, it shows :
“no” {

IZY spot 0.449 230 547

music_doom 65 4000

zoom on 272 568 to 325% in 0

zoom on 248 546 to 735% in 0

zoom on 239 531 to 2154% in 0

pause for a beat

    IZY (talk_apathetic)

    IZY (laugh_guffaw)


And there IS a } right there, and it doesn’t make sense, because the error is saying that I don’t have a matching }, so I can’t view my story… help :crying_cat_face:

Could you send a screenshot of your script? There might be an other bracket that does not end…

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PE-lHNffAofjNU1xjkK4D7nHdkOGHqbg lol dont mind the words :laughing:

Did you close the bracket after the second choice?


On line 155, you need to add the word music in front of the music name. And are you trying to change the volume for the music? Is that what those numbers next to the music name suppose to be? If so, the command for music volume is:

volume music x T

Where “x” is the volume level and “T” is time in milliseconds. So your code should look like this:

music music_doom
volume music 65 4000

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