Writing prompt: any advice is welcome!

Hi there!
I’m just gonna make it quick: I’m a new writer here in Episode (I’m Italian and I’m trying very hard to speak English correctly so pleeease don’t be too harsh on me) and I really have no idea about what to write.
I would be so glad to you guys if you could give me some writing prompts: my favourite genres are romance (but not focused on it), fantasy, adventure, comedy and drama. You can also mix the genres in the story if you want.
I know that Episode readers are dying to see original stories on the platform, and I agree with them 'cause I’m kinda sick of the bad boys and millionaires.
Feel free to suggest whatever you want!


I’m 1/4 Italian

So what are you looking for exactly?

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I’d love to narrate about a strong female MC, diversity, even LGBT. If you have any idea I would be happy to hear it, as long as it’s about those genres I have listed

What about if you have a story where the MC cannot have children and you describe the struggles her and her partner has going through adoption or fostering


È un po’ generale come richiesta, hai qualche preferenza in particolare? Una storia che ti piace particolarmente o un personaggio a cui ti vuoi ispirare?


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Hey, un italiano!
Okay, le mie storie preferite sono Glitch Girl e Alone with him, una è fantascientifica e l’altra è una storia d’amore, ma direi che vorrei avvicinarmi di più alla prima, creare una storia più “dinamica”. Come ho già detto, mi piacerebbe avere come protagonista un personaggio femminile forte ed evitare cliché vari. Mi piacerebbe anche che la trama si concentrasse sulla psicologia dei personaggi (che non siano scontati ovviamente)


That’s interesting, I will consider it!

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It’s an idea that I started myself but never finished because I was too scared :worried:


Why scared? I think it’s an awesome plot, you should absolutely go on with it!

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I’m now writing something else on wattpad


I like giving out all my old ideas because I’ll never get the chance to use them again

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Qualche tempo fa stavo scrivendo una storia che poi ho abbandonato se ti interessa. Parla di una ragazza che ad un certo punto si è risvegliata all’inizio della sua vita stessa. Nessuno accanto a lei ricordava di aver già vissuto quella vita così lei spende la sua adolescenza cercando di capire cosa fosse andato storto mentre chi era accanto a lei era impaurito dalla sua intelligenza/indipendenza. Alla fine lei capisce che questa è un’occasione per far sì che la storia vada nel verso giusto, così inizia a “torturare” chi in futuro sarebbe stato un pericolo per l’umanità (proprietari di aziende petrolifere, politici, giornalisti ecc.). Parte della popolazione inizia un culto a suo onore e fa sì che la sua fama le dia alla testa facendole perdere sempre più seguaci. Era assetata di potere, tant’è che il suo compagno era più uno dei suoi sudditi per lei che suo pari (è un thriller psicologico). Non so se è quello che stai cercando ma almeno è un po’ originale :sweat_smile:

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I always have a writing prompt to give out because god knows how many I think up ever day.

Here is another one I have, I started it with a cowriter than they didnt ever continue writing it with me. So, here you go feel free to use it,

Tanya Myers dies in the year 2070 but, 10 years before she dies her doctor asks if she wants to frozen when she dies, and she says yes. Fast forward to the year to 4030 and Tanya gets revived, when she is revived she learns that she a lady named Jodi Perkins are the only humans left on earth and that machines are taking over.

Heres one I probably won’t ever use.

I am halfling and I was born at home, I am 17 and I became a criminal so I could survive. I was raised by my grandparents because my dad is dead and my mom was enslaved. After a mission, I nearly died and I lost 2 of my toes and now I have nasty scars on my body.

And heres another,

Where I live my parents decide who I marry. I have to be married by 16. My father found this boy he would like me to marry named Antonio. While my mother has found a different boy named Noah. And without their knowledge, I had found myself a boyfriend. But my boyfriend will be kicked out and banished from ever seeing me if they find out about him. And without my parent’s consent, I can’t marry him. And if we run away to get married we will both be kicked out of our families. What should we do? (You chose!)

And here is a final one for you!

I’ve never been the smartest or the strongest. But, I have always been the most powerful even if not everybody knew about my powers. I grew up in a city called Ladytron which is built near an important tomb and is known for being the home of a great hero.

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