Writing Prompt Game!



How you play:

Simply think of the most creative writing prompt you can, between 1-3 sentences. (I don’t really want you to give a whole story as a writing prompt- but if you have this really good idea for one, summarize it then put it down)
I’ll be putting down the first writing prompt- We’ll get to that later.
Then you have to put down yours after mine, but here’s the rule:

The writing prompt has to be based on mine (or the user above you), or you have to put a twist on it- either way, try to make the prompt so that people cannot be able to put a twist on it. The writing prompt also HAS to be more creative than the first one (or the one above you)


Bob: His mind was filled with words, until they all came bursting out- like rockets flying out of his head.

Barbara: The music notes played over and over again in her head, echoing, and echoing and bouncing off the walls. Until they, crawling, and running and sprawling, escaped, leaving her breathless, and all her abilities stripped from her.

The point of this game is for the end result to be a list of super creative prompts that we can all be able to use. The prompts don’t have to look like mine. You can do it in a different style if you want…

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They sat together. “I don’t want to let you go.” He said, but then he looked, and she was gone.


If the game is too confusing, you guys can also just try to make the prompts weirder and weirder. This is basically that :rofl:

The girl was gone but was she ever there. He looked confused as he thought about his mental state, and he looked back to the mental hospital.

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She knew he was alive, but he didn’t know she wasn’t. She knew he was trapped, and maybe she wasn’t prepared to save him. Or for what would come next.


Sitting down on his bed, tears soaking his shirt, he thouht of her face. The softness of her skin, sure seemed heavenly, but, for him, she was very well alive.

This is trash but meh

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