Writing Prompts!

Before you take a look at any of these writing prompts, take a look at the rules!
I thought of these, and if you are serious about using one of them, the least you can do is read my rules. That is all

  1. If you wish to use any of these writing prompts, please ask me first

  2. These are for people who are serious about writing but doesn’t know what to write about. If you aren’t serious about writing them, then don’t use them!

  3. Once I give you the ok to use them, you will have a week to 3 weeks to at least have half of the story written. In that time, the story will belong to you!

  4. If you don’t have half of the story done by 3 weeks, then it will not be yours anymore and will be up for grabs.

  5. Lastly, if you can’t have your story half done in 3 weeks because of personal problems, then let me know! I’m a very understanding person and will grant you more time!

That’s all for the rules, next the writing prompts!

Writing prompts

I will update these writing prompts every other day or week! I hope these help you!