Writing Romance quote needed!

Hello, there, I’m in need someone who likes to write romance quote/narration, I need your help for my story. I will credit you, if anyone is interested please drop me a message here or DM me on @joxilove.write


I didn’t really understand what you needed I am so sorry, so I have no idea if I can help or not :sob:

Oh gosh, I suck at writing romance. I literally can’t do that :sweat_smile:. I always get embarrassed because I think I make it too cringey.

Is something like writing the character thoughts and feelings and writing in as narration in the story. Also can write it like a quote

Ohh Okay now I understand it! Sorry for bothering you to explain me, honestly I am very bad at it! Usually even for my stories I have to plan for so long my characters because of that, understanding their feelings.
I’m so sorry that I can’t help :frowning:

It’s OK

Oh, ok

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Anyone who love for romance, or you enjoyed writing romance quote, please message me, thank you!

Oof i suck at romance