Writing Schedule Template or Sites0?

Does anyone have a writing schedule template or know any sites for authors to have a writing schedule for their stories?

If you want to be an author you need to signup on the Is website www.episodeinteractive.com so you can write your your own story and join the community forum but there’s no such thing as scheduled for writing you Can decide to write anytime you please or anything you can take as much time you need to write

There is a writing schedule that authors plan out for when they’re going to update their stories. They either plan it on a word document or they use something else. Some authors do it, and others don’t. Everyone has different preferences on writing. Yeah, everyone should write whenever they want and take the time to write. It’s optional. And I have a lot of stories that I have planned out on writing and want a schedule to have a day on when I want the story to be published & updated. I want to maybe focus on one story at a time, and no I’m forcing myself to write, I want to pick a time and day to update a chapters on when I feel like it. :coffee: