Writing short stories with prompt! - practice your writing skills -

Hey! Why don’t we write a bit together? Practicing to write in a fun way. I don’t know if y’all like the idea, but I can make a prompt you have to follow in your short story. Literally your story could be any length!

Depending on how many of you want this, I can see if I can make a prompt once in the three days or once a week.

Write your short story like this:

short story - (prompt)

To avoid a long thread and a hurting thumb :cowboy_hat_face:

If you want to be tagged when I make a new story prompt, ask! Heheh.

So… you like this?

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Ask me if you have a question :sneezing_face:

If this succeeds, it will be done on a separate thread and the link will be shared here! 🧍🏽‍♀️

Got a prompt you like me to do? Leave it down below too!


Thanks for voting :disappointed_relieved:


This sounds interesting, can you tag me when you make the thread, please ???

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Yes ma’am!! :sneezing_face:


Tysm, girl.

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I was about to say the same, but I was figuring out, how to.

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Now you gotta show me your writing skills too :smirk:

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Def. so what do I do do I just start a writing prompt ??

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I’ll give you one don’t worry :flushed::white_heart:

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This seems like such a good idea :sneezing_face: please tag me when you make the thread :pleading_face::blob_hearts:

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