Writing Stars || Art

I currently need a group of artists, about 5 (For each Route). I do not want the art to be sketched, and they must be somewhat decent. 1 artist will probably have about 5 tasks in the time they are making art. For every piece, you will have 1 week-1 month.

The story “Writing Stars” is about a female reader suddenly getting a job to write songs for a popular boy band called “Star-Crossed Hearts”. The band consists of 5 males. Their names are Kai Kouto, Ren Lynn, Ray Yeon, “Baba” (Asano Niou), and Yoichi Soh. The storyline is their original songwriter, Okano, Was unfortunately killed in a crash and they needed a new songwriter. They find out about the reader when one of the members are at a cafe and the reader leaves her notebook, the member reading the songs she’s written, eventually doing whatever they can to find her.