Writing Stories with Sensitive/Triggering Plots


Triggering and Sensitive Topics

Disclaimer: This isn’t meant to offend anyone or argue your ideas, if you have opposing opinions or ideas you can share them below but please refrain from arguing. We should embrace each other’s ideas and perhaps learn from them.

Hello there!

So there seems to be a trend going around the forums; and that is asking for help on how to write stories with Sensitive/Triggering plots.

As a writer who’s currently writing a story with a sensitive (and to some people, Triggering) topic, here’s how I deal and manage writing.

As some of you are aware, writing a sensitive story can lead to tons of negative feedback and bashing from readers. Now, I’m not going to tell you how to properly write a story with Sensitive themes. Even I still get negative feedback on my story.

This is just simply an encouraging message!

Here’s the truth:
It doesn’t matter how well you convey a triggering story, you will still and always get negative feedback. Always

My experience:
I’m writing a story about a young boy named Dante, he deals with bullying because of his appearance. One day, he wakes up in an attractive new body!
Despite being beautiful, he still deals with hardships and negativity.
People start to notice his kind heart that they didn’t bother noticing before his new body.
Like every story, I have a message to convey.

Here are just a mere few:

As stated above, despite Dante being gorgeous; he still deals with hardships and negativity. I want to let people know that being beautiful doesn’t automatically open all doors and make life easier.

This one is a message reaching out to the readers:
Also stated above, Dante has a kind heart that is disregarded before his new body. People start to notice his kindness now because of his new appearance. My intent with this message was to let readers know that:
You should be more open minded about others and not judge their character based off their appearance. They saw the MC who was kind in his old body, and still kind in his new one.

These are just a FEW of my messages.
I don’t want to spoil the story :confounded:

My story is a comedy. I’m just a funny person and I enjoy writing comedies.
Having said this, I used jokes to soften the cruel nature of bullying and make the story a bit more light hearted. However, people assumed my jokes were making fun of bullying and exploiting it.

Now here’s the real background of why I choose to write my story:

As someone who’s dealt with severe bullying all my life, which led to depression and self-esteem issues; I chose to write my story FOR ME.
I wanted to convey my ideas and message from my heart and experience.
The last thing I would do is exploit or make fun of bullying considering I’ve dealt with it pretty much all my life and the feelings from it still linger.

Now, having shared my experience here’s my message to you guys out there:

No matter how well you write it or how good your intentions are, people will still attack you and send negativity your way.
It’s best to just not bother worrying about it, because you’ll still get hate.
You should write your story for YOU.
However, it’s important that you portray it safely with research and not glamorize it.
After that, don’t hold back and write it however you want!

You’re the writer. You’re the conductor. And it’s your heart.

If you have a message to deliver, deliver it.

Don’t stall because a few ignorant people are too stupid to look at your story in a deeper manner.

Chances are readers who are smart enough will understand your message and it will educate/help them on the subject.

If you write a story with an underlying message, you’re unstoppable.

And if you’re looking for ways to correctly portray a sensitive topic, it’s 2018; you can search up experiences and records. Maybe even interview someone who’s been through it.

It’s not all glamor; it’s raw and it’s life.

That’s all I have to share!

If you guys have any thoughts or advice you’d like to share, please do!
If you disagree, I respect your opinions and won’t hold you for it. However, please refrain from being hostile and negative!
I made this topic for positivity and helping!


I am so happy to hear this! I’m interested in writing a story with a powerful message about some sensitive topic (don’t know which topic yet though), but I’ve hold back my ideas because I have been very afraid of how it’d be received.

I’m happy to hear that you have this incredible mindset, and I am definitely feeling inspired to write a meaningful story even if it has a triggering plot! Thank you!


No problem!
I’m glad my message got to you.
It’s unfortunate that people are holding back their creativity out of fear.
I hope my message reaches to other people.