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First I thought writing here in episode is tough but it was fun. The really tough one is how your story gain reads and it’s frustrating. And then I lost my confidence and I come to think maybe this is not for me.

I really wanna know if someone here has been in this situation and how did you address this feeling/situation.?

Thank you so much :blush:


I have felt this a lot. I usually just take a break as long as I need until I re-gain confidence. I also listen to music, read books, and watch movies for some inspiration. I always think about publishing the story also, which usually gets me excited and I start working harder on the story I was writing. Hope this helps<3

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Thank you Cassi :blob_hearts:

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Yep! If you need any help with anything, feel free to pm me!:two_hearts:


I had it like that some years ago. so I left for almost two years. then I return again about a year ago

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I am kind of there right now, I have just published my story and it still has 0 reads :’)

Here is the thing:
Writing here on episode is hard, coding is hard and getting noticed is super hard, but just because something is hard doesn’t mean it is impossible, right? My advice for you is to figure out what you really want and to follow your dreams. Is writing here on episode one of your dreams? If it is, keep fighting for it! Never lose your confidence, remember who you are! And mostly of all; NEVER GIVE UP!!! Always keep in mind that some day or another all your hard work and all this frustration will pay of.

If you have lost all your motivation to write:
This is a common thing that happens to most of us. If you have lost your motivation to write, don’t stress about it! It will just make you more unmotivated to write. Instead take as long break as you need to get motivation back again. When I lose my motivation/ inspiration, I usually seek things that helps me bring it back. So, in those times I usually do things that you need to use your creativity for, for example painting or reading.

Hope you find this somewhat helping! <3


I am new to this community, and I was just following suit of the R4R and promoting, but then I remember I wrote for myself I shared it on here because I saw my story come alive. Plus if someone else needs a laugh, needs hope, or just needs to get away from reaality they have access to my imgaination. And I kept wirting.


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I have this old account on the Epi app that I made years ago (switched over cuz I changed my gmail) and after all those years of the story just sitting there, it still has only like 300 reads or something. It used to really bother me when I published it because I guess I expected to get more than that, but now it doesn’t. I realized that A. The story was REALLY BAD, and B. I wrote it for myself, not for other people (though publishing it was exciting). I haven’t published something since but I am working on other stories to publish.


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