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I struggle with consistency… Especially with the characters and plot! Even if I plan something, when I code it, it often doesn’t work. Do you guys ever struggle with this? If so, how do you continue writing and maintaining a sense of consistency throughout?

So I guess I could use some opinions. My story is about a 16-year-old girl named Alice who grew up spoiled and selfish but surprises everyone around her by wanting to become a teacher. It’s also meant to be a parody, where there are very cliche characters in some parts of the plot. For example, her sister (Storm) is a typical cliche MC. She’s a Mary Sue-type character.

In writing Alice, she’s supposed to break the stereotypical main character mold that Episode trending stories often have.

I write a lot of really complicated plots, so I’m just gonna say that she’s rich and spends her summers with her rich grandparents who aren’t cliche, and while having spoiled her, has given her a love for literature which is why she wants to become a teacher, in part.

She’s spoiled, but I also wanted to make her socially awkward. In the sense that she hates most people. She grows less spoiled as she works towards becoming a teacher. I’m just doubting her character and could use some opinions on it, I guess. Typing it out is already helping tho.

Feel free to use this thread as well to discuss some of your struggles in writing, maybe we can help each other out!


I struggle with giving the characters different personalities and having them talk in different ways and also with time management I can spend hours coding a scene so it often makes it take longer to publish

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usually i write down everything about my character(s) before i make any scenes/parts. there are some decent worksheets on google docs to help keep everything organised. i try to imagine how they’d act and speak in common conversations & write that down. i also like to ask questions to help develop my characters more like “what really makes them tick & what does that look like from an outside perspective?”
get to know your characters like you would when meeting a new friend. if you ever find your character starting to stray just remind yourself of their goal, why they want to achieve it, and the problem. i’m sure your story will turn out great!


That’s really helpful thank you!


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