Writing Team! 18+


Hello! I’m Alexis and I’m interested in starting a professional episode team! If you are 18 years old! You can be paid for your services! You will need PayPal! & DISCORD ( https://discordapp.com/ )
If you are not 18 years old you may still join but I can not pay you as of now.
You may choose over 1-3 Roles.
Available roles:

  1. Coder :woman_technologist:
  2. Writer :writing_hand:
  3. Beta Reader :green_heart:
  4. Artist :blue_heart:
  5. Story Planner :yellow_heart:
  6. Advertiser :woman_office_worker:

Character designers [ 0 spots available]
Writers [ 1 spots available]
Beta readers [ 0 spots available]
Artists [ 2 spots available]
Story planners [ 1 spot available]
Coders [ 1 spot available]
Advertiser [ 1 spot available]

If you have any questions you can message me or write on this Topic <333


I’m not sure if I’ll get to (btw I am under 18 but dont rlly care about being payed cuz i enjoy it) as a while ago I applied for a group. I am quite new and am just trying things out. If I don’t get th other one might I be considered for this group? Just asking?


Of course! I wouldn’t mind teaching you darling. What Role did you have in mind?


Maybe a coder? I want to get better at that. What should I do about the other group because I applied for it earlier?


I can definitely teach you how to code! Also if you applied for another group it’s up to you if you want to join them :slight_smile: Just let me know <3


Ok and thanks! :smile:


I think I’m going to go with this group :smile: I let the other group know.


Okay, well I’m great to have you! I’ll be messaging you in private for futher info <3




Out of curiosity, how much would we be payed? (I’m under 18) Also, can I sign up as a beta reader?


Hi I am above 18 years old xD and I would like to join ;D I can be a writer or a story planner :smiley:


I am above 18.
Applying for story planner and writer


I am under 18 and I can be a coder if you still need one!:grin:


I can be a character designer and maybe a story planner


Hey there! Being paid, depends on each type of role you can ask me more through a message!


Hi there! I would be great to have you. Are you familiar with the writing portal and do you consider yourself an idealist? I need someone who can work with a team and put in their top effort. If so you can message me and will get to work!


Hello! I’d like to know if you have any experience with the writing portal. message me and if you don’t that’s totally find if you’re willing to learn <3 Thanks hope to hear from you soon,


definitely still in need of a coder. Are you familiar with coding in episode? if not that’s totally fine if you’re willing to learn <3


of course you can! message me your age and experience. Thanks <3


I currently do a college course on animation