Writing Team! 18+

Hello! I’m Alexis and I’m interested in starting a professional episode team! If you are 18 years old! You can be paid for your services! You will need PayPal! & DISCORD ( https://discordapp.com/ )
If you are not 18 years old you may still join but I can not pay you as of now.
You may choose over 1-3 Roles.
Available roles:

  1. Coder :woman_technologist:
  2. Writer :writing_hand:
  3. Beta Reader :green_heart:
  4. Artist :blue_heart:
  5. Story Planner :yellow_heart:
  6. Advertiser :woman_office_worker:

Character designers [ 0 spots available]
Writers [ 1 spots available]
Beta readers [ 0 spots available]
Artists [ 2 spots available]
Story planners [ 1 spot available]
Coders [ 1 spot available]
Advertiser [ 1 spot available]

If you have any questions you can message me or write on this Topic <333

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I’m not sure if I’ll get to (btw I am under 18 but dont rlly care about being payed cuz i enjoy it) as a while ago I applied for a group. I am quite new and am just trying things out. If I don’t get th other one might I be considered for this group? Just asking?

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Of course! I wouldn’t mind teaching you darling. What Role did you have in mind?

Maybe a coder? I want to get better at that. What should I do about the other group because I applied for it earlier?

I can definitely teach you how to code! Also if you applied for another group it’s up to you if you want to join them :slight_smile: Just let me know <3

Ok and thanks! :smile:

I think I’m going to go with this group :smile: I let the other group know.

Okay, well I’m great to have you! I’ll be messaging you in private for futher info <3


Out of curiosity, how much would we be payed? (I’m under 18) Also, can I sign up as a beta reader?

Hi I am above 18 years old xD and I would like to join ;D I can be a writer or a story planner :smiley:

I am above 18.
Applying for story planner and writer

I am under 18 and I can be a coder if you still need one!:grin:

I can be a character designer and maybe a story planner

Hey there! Being paid, depends on each type of role you can ask me more through a message!

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Hi there! I would be great to have you. Are you familiar with the writing portal and do you consider yourself an idealist? I need someone who can work with a team and put in their top effort. If so you can message me and will get to work!

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Hello! I’d like to know if you have any experience with the writing portal. message me and if you don’t that’s totally find if you’re willing to learn <3 Thanks hope to hear from you soon,

definitely still in need of a coder. Are you familiar with coding in episode? if not that’s totally fine if you’re willing to learn <3

of course you can! message me your age and experience. Thanks <3

I currently do a college course on animation