Writing Team! CLOSED

Hey guys. So I highly doubt if anyone is to respond to this but it would be greatly appreciated! I am looking for a team of people who can help write my fantasy story. I have a plot for the next 4 chapters but looking for feedback. The « positions » would be:
•Co writer (main writer) maybe a few people
•Someone to bounce off ideas
•Character design (outfits, and more)
•Promoter to promote story
•Maybe artist (if someone wants)
•Advanced coder/Editor (final word)

Thanks guys so much. If people do want to be part of the team then we can create a google classroom. Appreciate it!

•Once this thread close I will create this google classroom•


I would like to be part of the group as an advanced coder. Although I do have to warn you, that I am not the best with overlays.

I can be the designer :smiley:

Lol of course!

Thank you so much of course!

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You’re welcome!

Once I close this thread I will create the google classroom. I will ask you directly or send you guys the link. Thanks again btw

Hi! Can I be artist and someone to bounce ideas off of

Of course!!! The more the merrier :joy:

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I can be an Advanced coder and Co writer!

Thank you so much!

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I can be a promoter, I can also be an artist (I draw)

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Perfect! Thank you again.

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I can do outfits and characters and be someone to bounce ideas off of.

Great. Can I put you in charge of all the characters?



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I can help with bouncing off ideas but I’m really good at character design.

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