Writing team needed!

Im looking for a writing team, we could share our ideas and have our own stories with each others characters in them :slightly_smiling_face:. these are the requirements but if you are a beginner and dont understand id still love to have you apart of this team :hugs:a (Writer, coder, editor/artist, and have imagination) ofc we will have our fun time so we don’t bore eachother out!!

INSTA: @nae_episode_1


Hi I am a new writer I have to a accounts on her I would love to be apart of this I love writhing on episode I do understand how to write on episode and I have done it in the past by knew i mean I had an old account but It stopped working

I’m an advanced coder, although there still are things I don’t know. I would like to join (:

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I’d love to have you! if you have insta add me @nae_episode_1

I’d love to have you join! if you have insta add me @nae_episode_1

I followed you (:

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I didn’t have the right insta but can I still be apart of the team

wait you dont have instagram? if you dont do you have insta do you have any other social

I have snap chat

do you have discord? if not we can role with snap

Yes I have both

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My discord~ Naelyssa#8050

Hi i’d like to join too and come up with ideas if you’d like also im semi ok at coding :sweat_smile: i can also make your covers.

I’d love for you to join! if you have insta add me @nae_episode_1

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Yea i want to join that groul i’m a beginner and i have a few ideas for a story but English is not my first language…

Gr (Sophia)

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AND i don 't know how everything Works at episode!

Kia Ora :)) I’d love to join.

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Hi I’m new I would love to be apart of this team to learn and become a better writer

i’d love to have you! if you have insta add me @nae_episode_1