Writing Tips and Tricks

This post is if anyone has any questions or need writing tips. I’m not the expert at writing or a featured Episode author myself but if you need any tips related to writing on the portal, planning your story etc, feel free to comment on this post! I’m happy to help anyone who’s struggling with planning.


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I don’t have a specific question but I’d really find some tips usefull. I just uploaded the first 3 chapters of my first story and I feel like they are not gonna get many reads because they are not that well-written.


I do have a specific question. First, how do I post on the forums. I literally see nowhere to post a question. I had to redo my account because i lost my old forum profile. And now I cant find the posting.

Also, I need to know how to layer a character in a specific spot.

So I have my
@CHARACTER spot 0.000 000 09 or whatever but how do i do the layering with this? My character keeps walking behind another character sitting on a bed lol.

Any help would be great.

Ps. @Vickee if it helps, when i started writing I watched Joseph evans tutorials on youtube they were helpful when i first started!

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I have been watching them too but I feel like my plot is not that good. I have many insecurities.

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About the posting issue, try pressing on the three lines near your profile image in the top right and press ‘latest’. It should then say ‘create new topic’.
I’m not sure about layering, I’ll try to look up a post for you to help out.

Have you thoroughly planned out your story?

Yes, I’ve thought about everything. I just feel like I’m moving too fast with the plot.

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I’ve found a help post for you, I don’t know whether it’ll be a little too confusing but here it is:

It might contain irrelevant replies as the post is a kind of helpdesk for all errors.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking your time to find this, everything i’ve searched for shows one or the other lol.

@Vickee I think we all feel this way when we first start writing, dont be discouraged. Dear lord you should have seen my first story, it was a disaster lol. One thing I did that helped me a lot was read for reads! In your post just mention you would like feedback. This helped me become a stronger reader and realize a lot of mistakes i might have made in my writing! I hope this helps, you will get the hang of it though!

I really like writing and of course I am open to feedback. I really hope I will be able to improve. Thanks for the advice !

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You’re welcome!
@authorellie It worked thank you so fricking much I can probably push my chapter out today now :grin:

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I am making a story about 6 friends and I just can’t end up with an interesting plot. Do u have some ideas?

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Try and pace yourself with the story. Don’t rush ahead for whatever reason whether you want to get it published soon etc.

I had the same problem with my first story, I was going to fast all the way through episodes 1 -3 and the plot didn’t quite make sense. Try to go through each chapter, bit by bit and look for any errors or

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Plan out initial ideas of your story:

  • Inital ideas

  • Character backgrounds

  • Character personalities

Where do you want your story to end up? Are there going to be any plot twists? Even if you have to, make up something! e.g you and your friends get split up.

I hope this helped :smile:

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No problem, glad I helped out! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

If anyone has any tips for writing and coding they would like to share, feel free to post!

  • Develop your characters fully.
  • Plan your story out beginning, middle, and end. Here’s the thing about planning the end: you may change things along the way, or you might tweak it completely - but you need an end point to get to otherwise you might just be writing forever and ever w/ no place to go (if that makes sense) - having some idea of where you want the story to go will help you tremendously.
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I’d recommend planning your story on some kind of notebook app on your computer. I use WordPad and it’s actually really helpful.

This will benefit your planning structure because when you wan to delete a line or 2, you can just go back whereas on paper, it’ll make a big mess and you won’t know where you’re at.

Maybe watch TV shows based around groups of friend. Even iCarly is an example. You could make it reality-tv like - girls take a competition that the girls have to win something which ruinds their friendshup

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Can we make a story based on a TV show?