Writing tips for a beginner

Ok so although I make mini games I haven’t actually made a story yet. I have one planned but has anyone got any writing tips?


Try to find inspiration before writing, like listening to music, reading a boo, watching a movie, whatever helps you get in the writing mood.

Plan your story out! I know a lot of people say this but it really helps that way you don’t get writers block as much and you’ll already know what’s happening.

Emmzy. My biggest tips is to watch all the Joseph Evans tutorials on youtube if you’r new to making a story. And for templates I think this is the best site for templates:

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Learn first the basics from Joseph Evans Youtube Channel, and practice on the portal, also don’t publish if you aren’t ready, there’s no really have to rush, other account I recommend are Mary D Sava youtube channel and Episode Elly YT, as for the planning the story Joseph Evans and Bronte have a video of how to create a story, as for templates I recommend too Dara Amarie site, if you have instagram I’ll recommend you to follow episode.luxe and other groups they have a lot of tips for episode writer, and also templates :grin:

Thank you guys, I’m glad I’ve learnt coding before starting to write ha ha ha makes things a lot easier

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