Writing Tips for new writers


Hey guys I’m going to introduce myself. I’m Katie and I’m an episode author. I’ve written 2 stories and decided to give some tips for new writers.

  1. This one is important for publishing your first story. DON’T rush! Rushing can cause, typos, plot holes, directing mistakes and much more. It may be exciting when first publishing but take it slow.

  2. This isn’t a must but it helps. Get an Instagram. It will help when looking for edits and covers. Instagram has a huge episode community. There are so may episode groups and accounts! You’ll find so many friendly people. You will also be able to find someone to make you a cover. Covers are one of the main things that attract people to your story. Which brings me back to not rushing, wait for your cover to be made and approved by episode until you publish your story.

  3. Get story reviews! Another reason to get Instagram! Episode accounts almost always do reviews! Reviews will help you so much. They help you on improving and lots of people will see the post and might even check your story out. :wink:

  4. Proof reading is key! People will not read stories with tons of typos and grammar mistakes. It’s a huge pet peeve that tons of readers have. I don’t know about you but I hate grammar mistakes.

  5. PUNCUATION! Ok I know I sound like a teacher but remember full stops and capital letters! I hate it when at the end of dialogue there is no full stop, also you don’t need to add speech marks. It’s already in a speech bubble,

  6. Add cliff hangers, there is a must, especially in the first few chapters, that’s when people are checking to see if they like your story. You want them to be asking for more!

That’s all for now and I hope it helps!
~ Katie x


Also, I would suggest getting reviews. They help you see the areas you need help on so you can improve!!


I would suggest planning all your characters first as well as their outfits. It does take some time but I promise you its worth it in the long run.

Also, try to update regularly or have a schedule.

Mine is write episode through the week and then upload on Sunday.

Also, try and upload your backgrounds in advance because if you don’t it can mess up your schedule.



Very good advice :heart_eyes:


If only I had a time machine in October, because this would have been so helpful to younger me :joy:


Hey, I have a question. I’m sort of semi-new to EPISODE, or at least the writing part of it. And I’ve seen all these cool splashes and have one myself I would like to use, but I don’t know how to implement it. I’m also on Limelight if anyone’s wondering.



First of all, the name’s Episode not EPISODE… (it just looks weird)

I’, good at directing, what’s the problem? I mean, I just can’t get too much out of “cool splashes” and codes are pretty much the same for all styles, if you mean like an overlay, upload one…


You can upload the splash into your backgrounds

Then just use it as any background







Well, I call it EPISODE, because whenever I’m referring to a company or anything of the sort, I capitalize it. For example COKE, or DISNEY, or anything like that, I find it more professional and polite, please don’t criticize me for trying to be polite. Anyway, I was trying to work out how to implement SPLASHES, you know the, I guess, BACKGROUNDS that you see if the work or story in itself has something in it, for example it has swearing, you see a ‘Warning: Contains swearing’.
Either way, @RudeInception answered for me, so it’s all okay. : )



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