Writing Tips for your story. TW

Writing Tips for your story!

Hello everyone! I have a few tips that can improve your story as a whole. Please note that these are my personal opinions, and what I know that can help strengthen your story.

Trigger Warning, this discusses the problems of people using traumatic events within their story. Please do not read if this can cause harmful effects to you.

Always have a proof reader. Always re-read your story before publishing.
This is essential, it ensures that your story flows and small silly errors can be avoided/removed. Proof readers can help you notice where and what is wrong within your story.

Grammatical flaws.
Grammatical flaws can ruin someone’s story as a whole. People tend to stop reading stories that have a lot of grammatical flaws, and if people read it, it’s due to a pity/“funny” aspect of how “bad” a stories grammatical faults are.

Traumatic Events!
This tip is a huge thing. PLEASE do not include traumatic events if you’re going to brush past them and “fix” their trauma because the MC is in love. I have read many stories on episode where they casually throw in “rpe” and domestic abuse, it almost feels like a character plot to make a character have something about them. Please remember if you’re going to write about traumatic events go into detail about how your character is affected by it. Merge their personality and their trauma, explain how that has affected them, what it will cause in the long run. Their trust issues, their worries, their fears. When you decide to implement such sensitive topics you need to know exactly how to execute it right.
I see so many stories that use r
pe as a subplot and it’s never actually thought upon and their trauma isn’t ever helped, they meet the main character and their trauma vanishes. You have to ask yourself questions, are you the right person to write this? What does this do to my character? Is this traumatic filler to gain empathy for my character? Please know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to writing traumatic events within your story.

Character progression.
When two characters meet (LI & MC) make sure their feelings and relationships are realistic. Realistically, people do not meet and fall in love instantly. Make sure that your pacing is not too long but not too fast.
Also, make sure you include character details. BUT… Do NOT do this in info dumping. Example of info dumping:
My name is “Main Character” I am 18 years old. I live here, I do this, I enjoy this, I go to this school, I’m friends with this person. I don’t like this person, I have a crush on this person.
This also goes with something called “telling” we want to find out and read the story not be told everything.

This is just a basic thing on episode. Learn how to code before publishing a story. Your coding does NOT have to be advance; however, basic coding is perfectly fine! Pans, zones, spotting, transitions, animations, etc. These all tie under basic directing and are pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it.

While choices do not have to be implemented, it definitely can affect your story in a positive way! Readers that can interact and make choices they believe/do make an impact on the story can hook readers further into your story. Episode is also considered an interactive story, so it’s common for people to expect choices to be within your story. Complex choices DO not have to be included within your story! Simple choices that may “seem” like they have an affect don’t have to have one at all!

Plan, Plan, Plan!
Plan your story, know where you want your story to start, where you want your story to be at the middle, and the end. It can help your story a significant amount by simply planning how your story ends, this makes it so you have a goal to work towards. It also helps make your story flow much better!

Do NOT rely on plot a, always have a backup plot if that plot doesn’t work/is too long or short. Always have side plots too, it can strengthen your story to have simple side plots within your story.

Your main character shouldn’t have everything happen for them, there should be inconveniences, there should be flaws within your character. They can’t have everything magically work out for them. This ties with the traumatic aspect. When a character has traumatic pain, later on within the story, the main character cannot just get their own way and get everything they want. Your character has to be realistic. The world doesn’t shine brightly on just your character.

There are a ton more, and I will most likely add to this. These are just some simple tips that can help your story as a whole.


Great advice. Thank you!! :relaxed:

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Wow great tips thanks


Great tips! I would like to add two more tips!


Make sure to read the guidelines beforehand. And if you have any questions about it, ask. Just because other authors do it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s allowed. So, gather the correct information first.


If you are writing about a different culture/race/background or any traumatic event, research it well. You can ask people on the forums or google it, to help you better understand the topic. But like the OP said, don’t write about a sensitive topic for the sake of drama. These topics are real and many people have been/are going through it, so you either research it well or don’t write it at all.


@Camila.R thank you so much for these tips!! Especially 3 and 4 are my thing. And the moment I read tip number 3 and number 4 I totally thought → Finally, someone says something I always try to give away to help other authors. Of course you need to give away a little about the MC and LI. But please, don’t describe every detail the MC and LI daily are doing and don’t start easily with: ‘I am …, I am … years old. I like to do…’ Because that doesn’t even look real to me. Emotions are the key. Without emotions a story is hollow. And about traumatic events… Don’t describe everything in detail (because that is also against guidelines…), and you’re right @Camila.R if you use it as a part of the past of the MC or LI don’t brush it aside after it is told. Use emotions to show how it effect everybody around MC or LI or how it effected MC or LI. :wink:

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Absolutely! These are great tips.

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