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Hi! I’m a new writer and I was just wondering if anyone had any helpful writing tips that would make my story more interesting. I think my idea is good but I feel like it can be improved. To me, my dialogue just seems kinda boring and I really don’t really have any significant choices. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


Be Unique
Number one rule: Be unique as there are many cliche stories that you could easily write, but if your story is like one no one has read before it might get more reads.

Plan Everything Out
So, when I first started out I tried to jump right in and hurry up and get my three episodes finished so I could post. NEVER DO THAT. You want to have an idea of where your episode is going instead of just going right in. There is really no rush for posting your first three episodes, make them as good as you can.

Ask For Help
Honestly, asking for help if you have an issue can really affect you as a writer. If you are ever stuck on something don’t be afraid to ask someone on the forums for help.

Find inspiration
Sometimes reading a book or watching a tv show can give you different ideas on your story, write those ideas down!

Take Breaks
Don’t sit on the computer for six hours straight maybe take a break, every hour or two, you still have a life and taking breaks can help with writers block.


Thank you!


Okay here are some:

  • be original
    don’t steal someones work and make a story that is intersting and uniqie.

  • cliche stories
    If you are into cliches that’s fine, but there a loot cliche stories and there is just too many now…but if you are into that feel free to write.

  • characters development
    For me personally I love to see how character has his ups and downs and develops in the story.

  • take breakes
    It’s important to take breakes, cuz oderwise you might lose your inspiration and motivation.

  • partner?
    If you need some help you can always write story with someone who can help you.

  • don’t listen to anyone
    I know this one is weird, but this is your and you shouldn’t listen to everyone, because there will be a loot of people with diffirent opinions, but remember that this is your story and enjoy writing it!


Thank you!


I might be a little late stumbling upon this, but also don’t be afraid to put a little of yourself into the story (:


I don’t know if you’re trying to drage the word out on prupose or if you think it’s really written like that but it should be a lot not a loot



I know it’s lot I put loot on purpose
But if you have any problems with it… I mean I can change it :upside_down_face:



I was just trying to help improve your grammar so you wouldn’t go arund saying loot thinking it’s the right way to spell it. You don’t have to change it I also do that woth the word too . Example. “That’s tooo gory.” And the word so “I’m sooooo excited!!!”


Thanks for your concern


Hey you write sotries right?








Well I’m having a bit trouble … I want to introduce my main character but I don’t know how


I can help, but can you be more specific?
I have a thread with a bunch of tips I wrote also if anyone wants to take a look. Tips