Writing Tipssssss

Need Help Coding?

Follow me on Instagram @addy.epsiode,
I can help you

  1. Code
  2. Create choices
  3. Zoom in & out
  4. Transition in & out
  5. Change hair, clothing, eye color, ext…

I’ll also give your story a shout out if you do the same for my story as well.
If you need help following your character to a certain spot, I can also help with that.

I’ll be posting tips and tricks on my Instagram page once or twice a week so make sure to be following me to see all of those. If I do Shout your story out make sure to be following me and I’ll follow you back so you can shout mine out to. If you don’t want your story to be posted on my story for a shout out just tell me.

Background Characters

If you have read my story, If you ask I will put you in my story as a background character. But only if you have read it, and I will know if you have because I’ll ask you for three character names from my story.


What’s your story called?

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